I don’t know wether the picture of the dizzy is hazy, but if not, you can see the two new optoelectronic light-barriers (contactless), which should guarantee the 90°-displacement of the two ignition circuits.

The picture in the middle of row two shows one of the two new ignition-boxes, which are available in Germany from Stewart Zünd- und Abgastechnik.

The initial starting of the “new-ignition-project” showed that new coils were needed, e.g. coils with a resistance of about 3-3,5 Ohms. A series resistance with 2.7 Ohms won’t work.

The new ignition boxes will fit at the place the standard ignition units were installed by using vibration mountings (some cabling works are still needed...) I tried to use the orginal wires in order to make it possible to reinstall the unique system.