for Sale
  • bearing set for conrod (only 14!), STA A - SORRY SOLD!
  • bearing set for crank, +0,250 - SORRY SOLD!
  • Tachometer, complete, Part No., please submit an offer
  • Speedometer, complete, Part No., clock is OK, please submit an offer
  • Currently one Ignition Module / Ignition Unit SORRY SOLD!
  • Spica Drive Belt - SORRY SOLD!
  • Montreal Special Tool A.3.0336 - SORRY SOLD!
  • My Montreal - as shown on this page for not less than EUR 17.500,- due to lack of time for the car. Car has about 34.000 km on the clock, I bought it about 10 years ago with low 20k on it. More information by email, please contact (07/07/2006) - SORRY SOLD!